Shorts SPANNED 5 COLLECTIONS FROM 2015 to 2017.

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Shorts was collection of stories submitted by people like you and put together
by The Draft Collective. Shorts was sent to our subscribers every few months by email in an easy to read, easy to carry format. It wasn't available online - the only way to get a copy was to subscribe. 

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Author of Bird on a Branch- Shorts Collection 03

Christopher Harrisson is a writer, illustrator and theatre-maker based in the UK. His work, including cartoons, video and ther things, can be found on his website:


Author of Breakfast – Shorts Collection 03

Ash has been writing stories since she was very small. Her first major work was an eleven strong series of books starring a fairy named ‘Cassandra’ and some fairly average spelling. She is actually a co-editor of Shorts and has somewhat self-servingly snuck one of her stories in. She also co-writes the food blog


Author of Colour – Shorts Collection 03

Susan Burgess is a successful professional in the legal field. Although a linguist all her life and the author of previous published non-fiction, this is her first foray into the art of the short story. She lives in the Inner West of Sydney surrounded by family.


Author of Loving You From Afar – Shorts Collection 03 and Scar Story – Shorts Collection 04

French by birth, Gaelle has been living in Tokyo for the last 13 years with her Chinese husband. She loves to write however does not often get the chance, stealing moments when her kids are asleep to work on her writing.


Author of Dinners Ready – Shorts Collection 04

Nadia L King was born in Dublin, Ireland in the 1970s. She reads voraciously and enthusiastically. She is an overexcited person who adores words and writes short stories amongst other things. Her first book “Jenna’s Truth” is due for release in October. Nadia lives near the Swan River in Western Australia. You can find her blog at www.


Author of Mid-Afternoon Sermon – Shorts Collection 04

JD is a Boston native that grew up in a room tiled with books, continuously mused by the gothic nature of New England. After touring for many years in punk bands, he received a degree in Literature from the University of Massachusetts. He now resides in Brooklyn, where his imagination is slowly disintegrating


Author of ‘The Squat’ - Shorts Collection 04

Kate has been a loudmouth since birth and has been known to tell a damn good pub story. She has recently decided to put this obnoxious talent to good use, mainly as a distraction from her soul-destroying corporate day job. When she’s not exploring creative interests, you’ll find her hunting down the best coffee that Sydney’s Inner West has to offer.


Author of 'Mr Eckles' - Shorts Collection 01

Jessie is an impressive woman of many passions. A master of many crafts, she left her previous life in digital production for law school, recently becoming a graduate lawyer. She is a keen reader, devouring books one after another, and has run her own book-based blog. She has always been a writer, enjoying creativity and focusing on short fiction.


Author of 'The Thud' – Shorts Collection 01

Elaine’s work comes to us with very little in the way of background info. What we do now is that she is a prompt replier to emails and has included numerous .gifs for comic effect. She will no doubt be an avid reader of, and contributor to Shorts.



Author of ‘The Ward’ – Shorts Collection 02

Ruben Horowitz makes his debut venture into published fiction with The Ward. A daytime professional in the construction game, Ruben wishes he was living the Walden life, a la Thoreau, with his wife and child in a self-constructed tiny house. One day, he regularly muses. 

Nia Nottage (New York)

Author of 'John' – Shorts Collection 02

nia nottage is a performance artist.


Author of ‘Windfall’ – Shorts Collection 02

Throughout her working life Kay Batstone has been a freelance writer, researcher and editor. She has written or researched several books about Australian social and cultural history such as Outback Heroes: 75 Years of the RFDS, Australian Memories in Black and White and Our Century, based on the Channel Nine series of the same name. This is the first time Kay has ever tried her hand at writing a short story. She is married with two adult children and lives in Sydney.

Kerri Hardman (SYDNEY)

Author of ‘Holly Burgess’ – Shorts Collection 02

Mother, worker, creator, art/music/dog lover, cook and Francophile, Kerri Hardman has been writing since childhood but has never before submitted work for publication. She is currently involved in two businesses (including Shorts wine sponsor Loire Valley Wines) with her husband.  

Raisa Wickrematunge  (Colombo)

Author of ‘On Marine Drive' – Shorts Collection 02

Raisa Wickrematunge is currently co-editor at Groundviews, a citizen journalism website based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A former law student, Raisa has over 5 years’ experience in journalism. In her spare time, you can usually find her attempting to capture the sunset on Instagram (when her nose isn't buried in a book, that is). 


Author of 'Bewitched' – Shorts Collection 01 and 'Untitled' - Shorts Collection 03

Janine is one of the world’s truly lovely humans. She meets life head on, people with open arms and difficulties with a joke and a laugh. Originally from Australia she,  along with her four beautiful boys  and loving husband, has also lived in Paris and Tokyo. She is a talented and passionate writer and is currently working on a novel.


Author of 'The Boy Who Found A Ukulele' – Shorts Collection 01

Marissa has been writing since she was about knee high to a grasshopper, which was back when it was cool to say ‘knee high to a  grasshopper’. She was always that kid in class that wrote 1000 words more than the teacher asked for – and she tells us that she only recently came to appreciate the art  of short.


Author of 'Pain Free Death' - Shorts Collection 01

David is a single-minded and driven man with clear vision and unmissable intellect. He is passionate about whatever he does whether it be executive roles in the IT industry or Founder and CEO of his own companies. Like many, David uses writing to relieve stress and to channel his creativity. 


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