|| Book Club || Hagseed - Margret Atwood ||

For this month’s book club we read Margaret Atwood’s ‘Hagsed’.  This book is a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest  and is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare Project which sees today’s novelists re-imagine Shakespeare’s works. The series was launched in October 2015 and will be published in twenty countries.

A bit about the Author Margret Atwood

Margret Atwood is so well known and her writing is so prolific that she really doesn’t need an introduction. To date the Canadian writer has written almost 20 novels, 7 children’s books, plus numerous nonfiction, short story and poetry collections. She has been recognised through frequent honorary degrees and a number of awards including winning the Booker Prize in 2000 for her novel The Blind Assassin.  


1.      Have you read The Tempest? How did having read the Tempest affect your experience of the book. Do you think you could read this book with no knowledge of The Tempest?

2.      Have you heard about the Hogarth Shakespeare project?

3.      Have you read much of Atwood’s previous works? How does this sit with them?

4.      Miranda is there but not there – discuss Miranda and Felix and Felix’s relationship with reality..

5.      How do you feel about the rap songs that are incorporated into the book?

6.      What was your favourite relationship in the book and why?

7.      Felix is trying to make Shakespeare relevant for convicted criminals – Atwood is trying to contemporise Shakespeare in her own way. In what ways to both Felix and Atwood succeed and where do they struggle?

8.      In the film, who would play each of the main characters?